My name is Daniel Spector.

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About Me.

I am passionate about the intersection of technology, business, and the arts. I currently work for Google in the Business Strategy and Operations group. Before Google, I worked at McKinsey, and studied computer science and music at Yale.


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Suitcase of Keys

Suitcase of Keys was formed in the spring of 2008, when Zachary Fuhrer was introduced to Hazel Scher and Daniel Spector through a mutual friend. After just two weeks of collaboration, the group surprised Yale's music scene by placing third in the annual Battle of the Bands contest.

In the fall of 2008, the trio was joined by Nolan Romero Green, a guitarist from Minnesota. Since then, Suitcase of Keys won the right in the 2009 Battle of the Bands to open for The Decemberists and Girl Talk. The group also released a self-titled EP, available on iTunes.

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